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"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford

Company Background

Migration Specialties International, Inc. is a privately held corporation. The company was founded in 1992 in response to the closure of Digital Equipment Corporation's Center for Migration Services. Digital's Center for Migration Services was a corporate resource dedicated to moving software applications from competitor platforms to Digital hardware and software. Since its founding, Migration Specialties has continued to deliver migration and OpenVMS solutions to Digital, then Compaq, and now HP. Migration Specialties is an active member of HP's AllianceONE, Intel's Software Partner, and Microsoft's Partner programs.

Migration Specialties has an international clientele comprised of organizations large and small. We are a small company comprised of two full-time employees and an international group of experienced consultants. While our size is small, our industry experience runs broad and deep.

Migration Specialties offers highly specialized services and several unique products. These are covered in more detail in the following sections. We deliver quality products and services on time at reasonable rates. We pride ourselves on excellence and honesty. We are experts in our field and will not sell you products or services we cannot support.

Virtual Hardware Solutions

Porting software applications to virtual hardware, also know as hardware emulators, is a business our extensive software migration experience makes us well prepared to deliver. In many ways, hardware emulators simplify the software migration process. We offer virutal solutions covering the following hardware:

Legacy Hardware Virtual Solution Supported O/S
DEC Alpha Avanti, FreeAXP OpenVMS, Tru64 UNIX, Digital UNIX

See our Virtual Systems page for more information.

OpenVMS Services

Personnel working for Migration Specialties have been involved with the OpenVMS operating system, originally called VMS, since 1983. They have watched VMS evolve into OpenVMS and migrate from the VAX to the Alpha, then from the Alpha to the Integrity platform. They have ported many software products and customer applications along the way and provided OpenVMS management and support services for almost three decades.

Our OpenVMS services and OpenVMS emulation solutions are built around this wealth of experience and expertise. We maintain real and virtual VAX, Alpha, and Integrity OpenVMS systems in-house and continue to work with OpenVMS applications and services. We believe OpenVMS is an outstanding operating system and continue to promote its use. We are active OpenVMS advocates within HP via our AllianceONE and Connect memberships. Additional information concerning our OpenVMS services is available on our OpenVMS page.

Software Migration Services

Migration Specialties roots lie in migrating applications from an IBM System/3X to a DEC VAX systems. The company has experience in migrating applications from IBM, WANG, SPERRY, Univac, UNISYS, DEC, Compaq, and HP platforms. The company has developed many specialized tools to assist in the migration process. Migration Specialties has established a proven formula for assessing, planning, and delivering migration projects. Our migration strategy is concise, repeatable, and favors automation wherever possible. See our Migration Services page for more information.

Migration RPG

Migration RPG is an extended version of the RPG II programming language based on IBM's RPG II implementation. It runs under the OpenVMS operation system. It is the only supported RPG compiler available for OpenVMS. See our Migration RPG page for additional information.

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