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"Virtual Alpha's let you retain important OpenVMS and Tru64 applications on new hardware."

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Supported O/S

Avanti and FreeAXP have been tested installing, booting, and running the following O/S.

Tru64 & Digital UNIX

    • Digital UNIX V3.2C
    • Digital UNIX V3.2G
    • Digital UNIX V4.0A
    • Digital UNIX V4.0B
    • Digital UNIX V4.0D
    • Digital UNIX V4.0E
    • Digital UNIX V4.0F
    • Digital UNIX V4.0G
    • Tru64 UNIX V5.0
    • Tru64 UNIX V5.0A
    • Tru64 UNIX V5.1
    • Tru64 UNIX V5.1A
    • Tru64 UNIX V5.1B
    • Tru64 UNIX V5.1B-5
    • Tru64 UNIX V5.1B-6


    • OpenVMS 6.2
    • OpenVMS 6.2-1H3
    • OpenVMS 7.0
    • OpenVMS 7.1
    • OpenVMS 7.1-1H1
    • OpenVMS 7.2
    • OpenVMS 7.2-1
    • OpenVMS 7.3
    • OpenVMS 7.3-1
    • OpenVMS 7.3-2
    • OpenVMS 8.2
    • OpenVMS 8.3
    • OpenVMS 8.4
    • OpenVMS 8.4-2 (Eval)

Host O/S

Avanti is tested and runs under the following 64‑bit host O/S.

Windows (64-bit Only)

    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2012
    • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 8
    • Windows 7

Online Purchase Policy

PayPal, customers will have different online purchase limits depending on how they are paying. If the customer checks out as a guest using a debit or credit card, they will have a $2,000.00 limit for the lifetime of that card. A customer using a verified PayPal account will be able to spend up to $10,000.00 per transaction. A customer using an unverified PayPal account will have different spending limits depending on what PayPal has verified with them.

Alpha Virtualization

Virtual Alpha hardware under 64-bit Windows.

Avanti replaces legacy Digital, Compaq, and HP Alpha hardware with virtual hardware hosted on 64-bit Windows systems. OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX software is fully virtualized with no changes to the legacy applications. Source code is not necessary and recompiles are not required. Avanti improves the reliability of legacy Alpha applications and reduces their operating costs.

Virtual Alpha Bonus

In addition to the advantages of replacing legacy Alpha hardware, an Avanti virtualized Alpha provides a host of new features.

  • Additional disk space
  • Remote hosting
  • Simplified remote backups
  • Portability
  • Quick proto-typing
  • Enhanced training environments
  • Secure testing environments
  • Snapshots

These and other options that were simply impossible with ageing physical equipment become routine in a virtual Alpha environment.

Try Before You Buy: FreeAXP

Alpha Virtualization Advantages

  • Professional services: We have been supporting Alpha systems since 1992.
  • Virtualize OpenVMS, Digital UNIX, and Tru64 UNIX environments
  • Quick deployment: Three to five day implementation
  • Modern hardware: Improves reliability, performance & efficiency
  • No change in operation or user environments
  • Binary compatibility: Application source code not required
  • More space: Enlarge existing disks and add more disks
  • VM support: VMware, vMotion, Sun VirtualBox, Apple Boot Camp, etc.
  • Multiple instances supported on a single host
  • Lower operating costs with a smaller data center footprint
  • Improved integration with Microsoft 64-bit Windows O/S.
  • High ROI: Preservation of investment in software & vested employee knowledge

Avanti Products


Avanti is a commercial virtual Alpha solution designed to support demanding Alpha replacements. Avanti can replace low end Alpha hardware outright and high end Alpha hardware where performance is not a critical factor. Avanti can replace systems running OpenVMS 6.2 thru 8.4 and Tru64 UNIX V3.2C thru V5.1B-6/Pk8. See the Avanti SPD and Pricing Guide for additional information.


AvantiFlex is a custom configurable version of Avanti. Customers that do not require the full power of Avanti, but need some of its advanced features, can customize their Avanti configuration with just the components they require at a reduced cost. The number of license units purchased determine the features available under AvantiFlex. Like Avanti, AvantiFlex supports OpenVMS and Tru64 UNIX systems. See the Avanti SPD and Pricing Guide for additional information.

AvantiFlex Options

AvantiFlex License Units

AvantiFlex License Unit Utilization

An AvantiFlex base package includes one CPU supporting the EV4, EV5, and EV6 instruction sets, 128MB memory, one narrow SCSI controller, two NICs, two virtual serial ports, and 10 license units. Thus, a customer could immediately create one of the following configurations using the base package:

  • Virtual Alpha configured with 512MB of memory.
  • Virtual Alpha configured with two Narrow SCSI controllers.
  • Virtual Alpha configured with 3 NICs.
  • Virtual Alpha configured with 2 physical serial ports.

To add additional Avanti features, additional license units are required. Here are two sample AvantiFlex configurations and the additional license units required to create them. Remember, AvantiFlex already includes 10 license units in the base package.

Table: AvantiFlex License Unit Examples

Avanti Backup Key

Available for Avanti & AvantiFlex. Provides 30 days (720 hours) of runtime support for Avanti installations. Should the primary Avanti key become unavailable for any reason, the Backup Key can be used to keep an Avanti system running until a replacement key is obtained. The Backup Key can also be used for testing and DR exercises. Customers with an active support contract are entitled to a refresh of the Backup Key to 720 hours once per year. See the Virtual Alpha Pricing Guide for additional details.

Support Options

Avanti Annual Software Support

Annual support contract covering 24 hour response, 8 - 5 MT, M - F, telephone, and e-mail support services and product updates. U.S. customers, Federal holidays excluded. European customers, Netherlands Federal holidays excluded.

Virtual Machines

Avanti is fully supported in virtual environments. Avanti is in active use running on VMware, Sun VirtualBox, and Apple Boot Camp virtual systems. Several clients have implemented VMware vMotion solutions, further improving application reliability and operational efficiency.

Porting to Avanti

Porting Alpha applications to Avanti is essentially the same as porting them to new Alpha hardware. The following six steps outline an Avanti port:

Avanti Trivia

Avanti creates a virtual Alpha environment that is indistinguishable from a real Alpha. The emulated Alpha environment is so accurate that it can be forced to bug check like a genuine Alpha.

  1. Configure Avanti to match the legacy Alpha hardware.
  2. Install the base OpenVMS or Tru64 UNIX O/S.
  3. Backup the legacy Alpha disks to the Avanti system.
  4. Restore the legacy system disks on the Avanti system.
  5. Boot the legacy system under Avanti and adjust network parameters.
  6. Shut down the legacy Alpha hardware.

Turnkey Ports

Migration Specialties offers turnkey porting services. Turnkey services include system configuration, software porting, and onsite installation. Remote porting services are also feasible with direct access to the Alpha and Avanti host hardware.

Other Emulators

Running a high priced Charon or AlphaVM emulator? Need a replacement for a retiring CHARON-AXP product? The disk files are portable between emulators, so switching to Avanti can be as easy as installing Avanti and creating a new configuration file with our GUI configuration utility. Test it using FreeAXP!

Obtaining a Quote

To obtain an Avanti porting quote, run the DCL procedure VMS_INFO.COM. Tru64 UNIX users can run the built in sys_check tool*. E-mail the results to Migration Specialties for review. All customer data is treated as confidential.

Tru64 Tip: Running sys_check

Sys_check must be run by the root login (as id 0). Inexperienced Tru64 UNIX users tend to make the mistake of using other accounts. Running from non-root will throw various errors and only give a partial output. Recent version of sys_check will not run at all unless they are run by root.

Use these steps to run sys_check:

# cd /var/tmp
# sys_check -all > sys.html

Depending upon the Alpha system being checked, sys_check may run for up to 40 minutes. Zip the resulting sys.html file and send it to us.

*sys_check should be present on a Tru64 UNIX system by default. If not, and if downloading sys_check from HPE, you will need a free HPE Passport account.

You may optionally request a brief which we will e-mail to you. Both the utilities and the questionnaire cover your Alpha hardware configuration and operating environment. Neither seeks any proprietary information or application data. One or the other must be completed before we will quote a replacement solution.
If you would like additional information concerning Alpha upgrades via virtualization, give us a call or . See our Porting page for other Alpha replacement options.
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