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S/3X Conversion Tools
Product Description

The S/3X Conversion Tools consist of a set of conversion utilities designed to assist in the conversion of data files, programs, and command procedures from an IBM System/3, System/34, or System/36 to a HP OpenVMS system.

The S/3X Conversion Tools include the following utilities:

EXG - Diskette Load Utility

Loads data files and libraries from IBM 8-inch, single-sided, single-density, 128-byte sector diskettes to an OpenVMS system using a HP RXO1 or RXO2 diskette drive.

CVTFILE - File Conversion Utility

Converts files from EBCDIC to ASCII or ASCII to EBCDIC and rebuilds logical record structures. The input to this program is a data file, switches, and a translation parameter file that controls which portions of the input records are to be converted as packed decimal, alphanumeric, or binary. The output is a sequential data file of a specified record size and format. The OpenVMS CONVERT Utility may be used if the sequential file generated requires conversion to a direct or indexed file structure.

CVTIBMLIB - S/34 Library Conversion Utility

Inputs an EBCDIC image of an IBM System/34 source code library created with the SAVELIBR command. Each module in the library is expanded, converted from EBCDIC to ASCII, and output as an individual file.

CVTS36LIB - S/36 Library Conversion Utility

Inputs an EBCDIC image of an IBM System/36 source code library created with the SAVELIBR command. Each module in the library is expanded, converted from EBCDIC to ASCII, and output as an individual file.

CVTSCAN - Source Scan Utility

Scans the source files that were extracted using either library conversion utility, determines the source type for each file, and renames each file using the appropriate file extension.

CVTOCL - OCL Conversion Utility

Converts IBM System/3, System/34, or System/36 OCL procedures to OpenVMS DCL procedures. This utility is designed as an aid; it can be expected that some statements will require manual conversion to DCL commands.

CVTMENU - Menu Conversion Utility

Converts menu definitions from the IBM System/34 to OpenVMS DCL command procedures. The inputs are the menu text and procedure files, as defined on the System/34. The output is a DCL command file which provides a menu display that is similar to the MENU command on the System/34.

CVTCCP - C & F Specification Translator

Assists in the conversion of IBM System/3 CCP C & F screen format specification files to RPG S & D screen format specification files. Manual modification is required to convert CCP RPG source programs to Migration RPG programs referencing the S & D specification files.

CVTDFU - DFU Conversion Utility

Converts IBM System/34 and System/36 Data File Utility definitions to a format that is executable under OpenVMS using the S/3X DFU Utility.

DFU - S/3X Data File Utility

Allows the user to create, maintain, and display indexed or direct data files, using DFU ENTER, UPDATE, and INQUIRY functions. This utility does not support the use of the System/3X DFU LIST function or the use of S & D specifications to define the screen.

Supports System/36 menus that use S & D specification files to generate the menu screen.

PROMPT - Prompt Utility

Allows a DCL command file to display a screen that was defined using RPG S & D specifications. The data keyed into the screen by the user is used to maintain and update the local symbols P1 - P64.

RDP - File Dump Utility

Used to generate a hexadecimal dump of a file which contains ASCII or EBCDIC data.

Service Options

MSI software specialists are available on a per-call or resident basis to help in all phases of software development, migration, or implementation. Specialists are available to serve as technical consultants, decision support consultants, or business system analysts. Resources are available to:

  • Provide software migration services
  • Provide OpenVMS support and management services
  • Supplement the programming staff
  • Assume project management responsibility
  • Develop software
  • Augment system start-up service packages with tailored services to meet specific needs

Software Maintenance Services

The S/3X Conversion Tools includes software maintenance services for 30 days. Maintenance services include:

  1. Software Media and Documentation Updates

    The customer automatically receives any new software release with corresponding documentation.

  2. Telephone Support

    MSI can be contacted by telephone with questions concerning the use of S/3X Conversion Tools or to report problems with the product. MSI can be reached by telephone between the hours of 8:00AM and 5:00PM MST, Monday through Friday, excluding U.S. holidays.

  3. Email Support

    MSI can be contacted electronically via the Internet using email with questions concerning the use of the S/3X Conversion Tools or to report problems with the product. MSI can be reached by email 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  4. Critical Problem Resolution

    The following are defined as critical problems:

    1. One of the S/3X Conversion Tools encounters a fatal run-time error.
    2. The installation of the S/3X Conversion Tools for a new site fails.

      If, at any time during the software license period, the customer experiences a problem with the licensed software, a Software Problem Report which describes the nature of the problem may be sent to MSI. The customer will receive a written response from MSI. This response will either:

    3. Acknowledge that the reported problem is a software error and provide an immediate work-around; or
    4. Acknowledge that the reported problem is a software error and provide an estimated date of the next software release which will fix the software error; or
    5. Acknowledge that the reported problem is a known restriction; or
    6. Explain why the reported problem is not considered a software error by MSI and, if possible, provide a work-around.

Documentation and Media

The S/3X Conversion Tools include the following documentation:

  • S/3X Conversion Tools User's Guide

The S/3X Conversion Tools Kit is distributed on the following media:

  • CD-ROM (ISO-9660 Compliant)
  • 1600 or 6250 BPI 9-track Magtape
  • TK50 Tape Cartridge
  • TK70 Tape Cartridge
  • TZ86 Tape Cartridge
  • 4mm DAT Tape Cartridge
  • Zip Archive via E-mail

Hardware Requirements

Any valid OpenVMS computer system running OpenVMS version 6.1 or higher. A VT-compatible video terminal is required for:

  • Workstation programs
  • MENU Utility
  • PROMPT Utility
  • DFU Utility

Disk Space Requirements:

Approximately 1,200 blocks of free disk space (600MB).

Prerequisite Software

The S/3X Conversion Tools has been tested with, will run with, and requires the following software:

  • OpenVMS Operating System V6.1 or higher

Ordering Information

The S/3X Conversion Tools Kit is sold as a software and service package by MSI. For more information concerning how to obtain the S/3X Conversion Tools Kit, please .

Licensing Information

The licensed software is furnished under the licensing provisions of MSI's Standard Terms and Conditions, which provides in part that the software and any part thereof may be executed on the designated Licensed Processor and may be copied, in whole or in part, with proper inclusion of MSI's copyright notice and any proprietary notices on the software, for execution on the same Licensed Processor.

A separate license is needed for each additional Licensed Processor or OpenVMS cluster on which the S/3X Conversion Tools will be executed, except as otherwise specified.

For any executable images produced with the Migration RPG Compiler that are exported to a non-licensed processor, a Migration RPG Runtime License must be purchased for that processor.

Software Warranty


Usage Information

This software package is intended for use with a customer's own software or software for which the customer obtained proper rights and interests. Any use of this software with software proprietary to a third party is prohibited under the terms of this license agreement.

The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold MSI harmless from any loss, damage or liability, including reasonable attorneys fees, arising from any claim that the conversion of Customer's software infringes any United States patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary right of any third party.

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