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Our Goal

To be the best, not because we say we are, but because our customers say we are.

Favorite Quote

"I like to have around me people who find ways to do things , not tell me why they can't be done" - Olive Ann Beech, former Beechcraft CEO

Think Green!

  • Recycle software.
    We can help.

Hardware Virtualization, OpenVMS Migration

Our Mission: Preserving what it best about the past while making way for the future.

At Migration Specialties we recognize the value represented by legacy software applications. These critical applications, be they running a tooling station or an entire enterprise, are still around because they continue to effectively do a job. We provide solutions that retain the value of such applications while upgrading the underlying hardware that supports them.

Virtualizing Legacy Hardware

Many businesses depend on software applications that have been in use for years and even decades. These applications in turn rely on aging hardware ever more prone to failure. Migration Specialties provides solutions that replace legacy hardware without changing legacy software. Commonly referred to as hardware emulators, these solutions virtualize old hardware, allowing the applications it supported to be re-hosted on smaller, faster, more reliable, more energy efficient platforms. Our Virtual Systems pages will tell you more about our virtual VAX and Alpha solutions.

OpenVMS Migration

OpenVMS has been around for over 30 years and is still going strong. It and its associated VAX, Alpha, and Integrity processors have been our core business since our inception in 1992. If you are ready to move from a VAX or Alpha system to HP's Integrity platform, Migration Specialties has the tools and skills to help. We maintain running examples of all three platforms in-house along with a close relationship with HP's OpenVMS engineers and the OpenVMS community. Our Porting page provides details on our OpenVMS porting services.

Refreshing VAX & Alpha Hardware

Sometimes the old VAX or Alpha system is still the best system. Hardware dependences and replacement cost can make retaining legacy VAX and Alpha systems an attractive option. Migration Specialties works closely with Puget Sound Data Systems to provide new and rebuilt components to keep VAX and Alpha hardware viable. Refreshed systems are backed by strong warranties and support plans. to discuss your specific requirements.


Migrating software applications requires a comprehensive understanding of legacy programming languages like RPG, COBOL, and DIBOL. Migration Specialties offers a suite of products and services addressing legacy application support.

Our services are available globally on a time and materials or fixed-price basis. Please browse through our web site and see what we have to offer, then to discuss your specific requirements. We work in a variety of software environments and have an extensive set of skills, tools, information, and contacts available. We look forward to helping you retain important software on new platforms.

Successful Projects

Migration Specialties has delivered many successful projects since 1992. Here are a few examples.

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